Not flesh of my flesh
nor bone of my bone
but still miraculously my own.

Never forget for a single minute
you didn't grow under my heart
but in it!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Playing at the Children's Museum and in the Pool with Ava

We had another fun playdate with Ava today. We went to the Children's Museum and then to Aunt Kathy's and Uncle Al's house for some outdoor fun!

The girls brought two of Gabriella's dolls along for the journey. Gabby had two of the same doll; she got one for Christmas and one for her birthday! I LOVE having duplicates of toys so that there is no arguing when two little ones are playing together...especially these two little ones!
The Children's Museum had a petting zoo set up in its yard today. There was a calf, bunnies, a goat, and chickens.
Gabriella and Ava each held a bunny. They were so soft.:
Ava was very brave and held a chicken! Gabriella wanted no part of it!
After we left the petting area (and after we sanitized very well!) we played in the Museum's yard.
Gabriella walked into the gazebo and wanted me to join her in there so we could dance together!:
Cute, little butterflies!:
Getting ready to leave, literally!:
After the Museum, we went back to Auntie Kathy's and Uncle Al's house for lunch and for more fun in their yard.

Enjoying lunch:
"Swimming" in the pool:
The activity that appeared to be the most fun for the girls today was dancing on top of this upside down bucket! It was highly entertaining for me, Auntie Kathy, and Uncle Al, as well! Gabriella and Ava start dance lessons in September, so this was an introduction of the entertainment to come!Gabby looked so cute dancing. Sadly, though, her dance moves resembled those of Ken's! She dances just like him! Poor girl! Hopefully the dance lessons will straighten her out!

On a side note, last night Gabriella's dance shoes came in the mail. I had Gabriella try them on and told her they were her dancing shoes and asked her if she wanted to dance. She did, so Gabriella, Ken, and I had a little dance party! We were all laughing and I loved every second of it. Gabriella was having a blast just as she was while dancing on the bucket with Ava today!
Ava had some FIERCE dance moves! While Ava was dancing she looked so much like, and reminded us of, her mom, Kerri. Luckily for Ava, she learned Kerri's dance moves and not Ken's!
Who knew a bucket could be so much fun for two toddlers! They were all smiles!:
Ava is older than Gabriella by fourteen months, so she acts like a big sister to Gabriella. We have spent a good part of the summer explaining that "Sharing is Caring!" Well, today we had a bit of a turn of events! I had to take Gabriella aside a couple times and tell her that she had to share with Ava! Gabriella wanted the bucket for herself and when Ava was on it Gabriella even tried pushing her off!
I am in LOVE with this face!: Winding down the visit with Gabriella's favorite, furry, red friend:
It was another fun, tiring day with good friends!

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