Not flesh of my flesh
nor bone of my bone
but still miraculously my own.

Never forget for a single minute
you didn't grow under my heart
but in it!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Berry and Peach Picking

Today we went Blueberry, Raspberry, and Peach picking at Ward's Berry Farm in Sharon, MA. Of course, we had to choose what seemed to be the hottest day of the summer for this activity!
Getting ready for picking!:
Gabriella helped us pick both raspberries, ...
...and blueberries, ...
...but everything she picked went from the bush straight into her mouth; none actually made it to the basket!:
Gabriella even helped herself to what we'd already picked from the basket!:
We also picked peaches and, even though they were not quite ready to eat, Gabriella had to have one!:
Before leaving the farm, we took Gabriella to see some of the 4H animals.:
But, despite all of the fun activities, Gabriella's favorite part of the day was the swing set even though we have a great one in our own backyard! She spotted it the second we got out of the car!:
Despite the heat, we had a great time. We are looking forward to enjoying the "fruits" of our labor!

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