Not flesh of my flesh
nor bone of my bone
but still miraculously my own.

Never forget for a single minute
you didn't grow under my heart
but in it!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Hampshire Camping Trip Day 4: Santa's Village

We spent the fourth and final day of our trip at Santa's Village. The only part of this park that I remembered from when I was a child was the talking Rudolph at the entrance to the park.
We had a great day at Santa's Village. In my opinion, this was the cutest and most fun park of the three that we visited during this trip.
Gabriella and Ava had the chance to get on Santa's "Good List" early this year! Ava seized the opportunity, but Gabriella, once again, wanted no part of getting near Santa!:
Gabriella had fun on all of the rides at the park.:
Gabriella had a great time on this ride, but, just prior to the ride starting, Gabriella had a bit of a meltdown and actually hit poor Ava. Gabriella is not typically a hitter, but this tantrum got the best of her and poor Ava got to experience the brunt of it.
Ken won this turtle for Gabriella and Gabriella enjoyed playing with it.:
Each of the three parks had trains and both Gabriella and Ken love train rides!:
The gingerbread family!:
Gabriella had her second of two major tantrums during this trip (not including the tantrum on the ride that I mentioned above) near the end of the day.:
The advice I've been given as to how to handle these tantrums and fresh behavior is to ignore them and, if it is safe to do so, to walk away. Obviously, I couldn't walk away from her while in the park, but I did move a few steps back. I had to let all of the passers-by know that she was with me so that security wasn't called! Then, Gabriella proceeded to take off her shoe and fling it. Little stinker! She soon snapped out of it and we were on our way again.:
Gabriella got to hand-feed Santa's reindeer "Reindeer Cookies.":
Having a snack:
Taking a break:
We had ice cream. Gabriella took a lick or two...:
...and then proceeded to eat the cone...from the BOTTOM! Silly girl!:
She has two new funny facial expressions that I caught on camera during this ice cream break. The first expression is one in which she puts her head down a bit and then looks up.:
The second expression is this cute scrunched mouth and nose face!:
It was a very hot day so Gabriella was cooling off with a cold, refreshing slushy drink.:

We had an amazing day at Santa's Village.

Day five of our trip was spent packing up and heading home to attack the unpacking and lots of laundry! This is always the most unpleasant part of any trip! We had such a wonderful time with our amazing friends. During our final evening we booked our trip for next year and we are really looking forward to doing it again!

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