Not flesh of my flesh
nor bone of my bone
but still miraculously my own.

Never forget for a single minute
you didn't grow under my heart
but in it!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gabriella's First Swim Lesson

Gabriella had her first swim lesson today. We went with Ken, Aunt Kathy, and Ava. Gabriella has never enjoyed the water. Each visit trip in Guatemala and each vacation since she has been home, she hasn't liked going in the pool or ocean. I can only remember one day of one visit trip that she enjoyed her time in the pool. My goal for her with these swim lessons is not necessarily for her to learn how to swim, but for her to be able to enjoy the water. To top it off, today (and each day of the past month!) it was cool, overcast, and drizzly which doesn't make for a pleasant swimming experience in itself.

Waiting for the lesson to begin:
Gabriella didn't want to be in the pool so I was trying to bribe her with a pool toy! Great parenting tactics, huh?!:
This is the closest to "swimming" that we got!:
Ava was a little fish! She loved it and did great!:
This was Gabriella's favorite spot during the lesson! Gotta love the crossed leg! It sends the nonverbal message of, "I'm comfortable here watching everybody else, I am not interested in the pool, and don't bother me!":
Saying goodbye to the instructor at the end of the lesson. Notice the thrilled look on Gabriella's face!:
Gabriella and Ava after the lesson in their warm, dry clothes. It is so cute how Gabriella is snuggled up to Ava! Gabriella was so much happier when the lesson was over and when she was out of her bathing suit.:
Enjoying a snack after the lesson:
After the lesson we went to lunch, an eye doctor appointment for Gabby, and then to run some errands. Like last Thursday, Gabriella missed her nap and was exhausted, so she took a quick cat nap on the way to Aunt Kathy's house!:
When we got back to Aunt Kathy's house, Gabriella made herself comfortable in Aunt Kathy's and Uncle Al's bed!:
Playing with Ava in the bed:
Playing with Aunt Kathy in the bed:
Dancing on Aunt Kathy's belly!:
Just like last Thursday evening, we ate a quick dinner when we got home and then Gabriella was sound asleep by 6:45 PM! Mommy loves these exhausting days when our nighttime routine is so easy and Gabriella is more than willing to go to bed!

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