Not flesh of my flesh
nor bone of my bone
but still miraculously my own.

Never forget for a single minute
you didn't grow under my heart
but in it!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Visit to the Eye Doctor

Gabriella's has a minor eye condition called Entropion. Her bottom eyelashes are directed up and inward toward her eyeball. It is not really recognizable unless you stare at her eyelashes and it is not a problem unless her eyelashes begin scratching her corneas. The doctor feels that the problem will correct itself as her face matures but, if not, there is a surgery available to remove the excess skin of the bottom lids. Gabriella has to check-in with the eye doctor periodically to ensure that her corneas are still looking good. The doctor feels that if the lashes have not caused scratching to this point, they probably won't.

During the exam they dilated her eyes so that they could do a thorough exam of her eye. They put four drops of different solutions into each eye and told us to wait thirty minutes for the dilation. After thirty minutes her eyes were still not dilated, so we had to do three more drops in each eye. We waited again and her eyes were still only slightly dilated! Her eyes are so dark that the drops were nearly ineffective for the dilation. They still proceeded with the exam. Gabriella didn't enjoy having the drops put in and she certainly did not enjoy having the doctor shining the lights into her eyes and examining her.

It turns out that Gabriella's eye doctor is the same doctor who performed eye surgery on Ken about five years ago. I chose this doctor independently of knowing this and found it so ironic when I learned of this today. It makes it even more ironic since I had also chosen Gabriella's pediatrician independently of knowing that the father of her pediatrician was Ken's pediatrician.

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