Not flesh of my flesh
nor bone of my bone
but still miraculously my own.

Never forget for a single minute
you didn't grow under my heart
but in it!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We Are OUT Of PGN!

Yes! It is finally true and those magical words can finally pass my lips...We Are Out!

I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon that my mother accompanied me to. We had a plan to meet my grandfather for dinner following the appointment. As we were driving from the appointment to dinner I decided to call PGN to check on the status of my file. I had a feeling that good news was awaiting me and felt the need to call. The woman stated that my case was finalized! I had become so accustomed to hearing "Second Reviewer" every time I called PGN that my mind was automatically putting words into her mouth. As a matter of fact, that was the response I had gotten this morning when I called to inquire about my case. That fact coupled with her accent made it difficult for me to understand what she had said. When I kind of processed that she had said something different than "Second Reviewer" I said, "When?" and she replied, "Today," but she pronounced the "To" part of today more heavily, so I thought she was saying "Two Days." So I said, "Ok, it will be finalized in two days?" and she repeated "Today." And I said, "Oh, as in this day!." Then I finally got it....Gabriella's case was finalized! I thanked the woman, hung up the phone, and started screaming while my mother told my cousin Trisha who she had been talking to on the phone. From that time, until now, I have been on the phone sharing the exciting news.

The only thing, however, is that the lawyer has not yet picked the file up from PGN. I am celebrating, but will not be completely at ease until the file is in his hands. Even as I am writing this, it is so hard to believe. I am thinking, "Oh, God, I hope I didn't completely misunderstand what she was saying and I am really not out." or "Did she really say that, or am I making it up in my head?!"

Assuming I am not completely insane and Gabriella's file truly is finalized at PGN and assuming that there are no anomalies going forward, Gabriella should be home in approximately 1.5 months. The next step is for the adoption deed to be registered at the Civil Registrar in Mixco, Guatemala where Gabriella was born. Gabriella's birth mother will have to provide final approval for the adoption at that time. Once this is complete, I will be legally responsible for Gabriella. Then the attorney will request a second birth certificate listing me as Gabriella's legal parent. Gabriella's 2nd DNA test will also have to be completed and her US Passport will need to be issued. Once those things are complete I will receive an appointment from the US Embassy in Guatemala in order to complete the process.

This is a happy day. We are one step closer to having her home forever.

I received this photo this evening from Gabriella's foster family:

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  1. This made my day!!! I am in tears of joy!!!!! I am so happy for you!! Soon your daughter will be home, where she belongs!

    Kerri Miller