Not flesh of my flesh
nor bone of my bone
but still miraculously my own.

Never forget for a single minute
you didn't grow under my heart
but in it!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Birth Mother Interview Complete

Today marked the one year anniversary since I began the international adoption process. What a year it has been; probably the most emotional and trying year I have ever experienced. The joy I experience when I see her face, though, far outweighs the pain of the process.

Today was a torturous day waiting to speak to N. to hear how Gabriella's birth mother interview went, but after speaking to N. I feel relieved. N. said that the interview went well. The interview took 1.5 hours. The PGN authorities asked Gabriella's birth mother if she still wanted to proceed with the adoption and she said that she did want to proceed. They kept questioning both N. (Gabriella's foster mother) and R. (Gabriella's birth mother) about addresses and dates. All of the papers in Gabriella's file were reviewed and the answers that N. and R. gave were compared against the file. The reviewers said that all of the paperwork is in order and that they did not find any abnormalities in the paperwork or from the interview. N. said that everybody was treated with respect during the interview, which was extremely important to me.

Hearing about the reunion between Gabriella and her birth mother was quite emotional. R.'s eyes filled with tears when she saw Gabriella. She kept saying how beautiful Gabriella is. She asked Gabriella if she could hold her and she held her. R. thanked N. for taking care of Gabriella and for not putting Gabriella in an orphanage. She commented on how well Gabriella looks cared for. N. told R. about me and the home that Gabriella would be going to and N. thanked R. for me for coming all the way Guatemala City for the interview in order to complete the process. I pray that R. finds peace in her decision. I also pray that someday I am able to thank R. for making this unselfish decision to give Gabriella a better life.

The phone call with N. was pretty emotional, not only because of the subject, but because I think the interview brought the reality that Gabriella will soon be leaving them. N. broke down in tears a couple of times and it broke my heart. She and her family love Gabriella and Evan like their own children. Their hearts will break when Gabriella and Evan come home and my heart breaks for them for that. I promised N. that her and her family will always be a part of my family and I promised that we will stay in contact with them and they will witness Gabriella grow. I also promised that I would visit Guatemala with Gabriella.

On a lighter note, N. said that Gabriella now sticks her tongue out and laughs! She also said that D. said to Gabriella, "Father's Day is coming, what are you going to give me?" and he asked, "Are you going to give me kisses?" So D. taught Gabriella how to blow kisses, but she will only blow kisses to D.! It also sounds like Gabriella is a very good eater. She ate half of a Chile Relleno, or stuffed pepper! She also loves arroz con leche, rice with milk, which is essentially like a rice pudding.

The next step in the adoption process is to wait for Gabriella's file to be released from PGN; this is often referred to as an "out" in the adoption community. With the birth mother interview complete and, a file with no abnormalities (as far as I know), I believe we have met all of the criteria to be released. Please, please, please pray with me that we get an out from PGN soon.

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