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nor bone of my bone
but still miraculously my own.

Never forget for a single minute
you didn't grow under my heart
but in it!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Statement From the Guatemala President

The following is a statement from Guatemalan President Berger’s administration, as it was sent to the Joint Council on International Children’s Services via email.

1. The President of Guatemala, Oscar Berger Perdomo, has NOT issued a statement about the suspension of all intercountry adoptions.
2. President Berger supports a new adoption’s law (Initiative 3217), which regulates the adoption processes, will give more judicial certainty to a social noble institution, as the adoption, and which will be in accordance to the Hague Convention.
3. Guatemalan children, who are going through an adoption process, are minors under the protection and shelter of the Guatemalan Constitution, hence, the State of Guatemala has the right and obligation to assure their best interest. Therefore, the Government supports a new adoptions law, in harmony with the Hague Convention, that will foster secure and dignified adoptions and above all adoptions with judicial certainty.
4. As from December 31st 2007, it is the will of the Government of Guatemala, that the Hague Convention on International Adoptions, enters in force, as reflected on the Legislative Decree No.31-2007. From this date, ALL ADOPTIONS from Guatemala must meet the Hague Convention standards.
5. The Congress of the Republic of Guatemala will soon pass the Adoptions Law (Initiative 3217, with amendments). IF this law is approved, this will regulate the procedure for the pending adoption cases or adoption cases which are already in-process.
6. The Government of Guatemala has nominated the Social Welfare Secretariat (Secretaria de Bienestar Social) as the Central Authority for adoptions (Government Accord 260-2007). The Central Authority will issue an official statement regarding adoption processes in the next few days, which will be sent and notified to international authorities, through official channels.
7. The Government of Guatemala reaffirms that it is in favor of adoptions with all countries and families that will GUARANTEE a secure and dignified life for the Guatemala children, but it will not tolerate adoption processes outside the law.

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