Not flesh of my flesh
nor bone of my bone
but still miraculously my own.

Never forget for a single minute
you didn't grow under my heart
but in it!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Red Thread Legend

"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break."

This is a Chinese legend and it underscores the belief that when a child is born an invisible red thread connects that child's soul to all those people, present and in the future, who will play a part in that child's life. As each birthday passes, those threads shorten and tighten, bringing those people closer who are fated to be together.
The China Adoption community has has embraced the tradition of the red thread bracelet as a means of connecting with the children who wait to be united with their new families. Moms-to-be generally wear their bracelets from the time they begin the paperchase to the day they bring their new daughter or son home. The red thread bracelet is also similar to the red thread Kaballah bracelets which are thought to bring its wearer good luck and protection from harm. Goodness knows that I openly welcome a little extra luck during this process!

I obviously am not adopting from China, but with the uncertainty in Guatemala I find it necessary to embrace comforting traditions - and this is one that I will be embracing. I will be wearing a red thread bracelet until Gabriella comes home.

Order one for yourself to symbolize your connection to Gabriella (and to add some extra luck to our process!):

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