Not flesh of my flesh
nor bone of my bone
but still miraculously my own.

Never forget for a single minute
you didn't grow under my heart
but in it!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Homestudy Evaluation Report is Complete!

My Homestudy report, which is the final document that I have been waiting on prior to being able to proceed, is now complete! I received an e-mail from my Homestudy Social Worker at 12:24 PM today with the document attached for my review. Once it is reviewed by her supervisor and my adoption agency it will be notarized. Hopefully I will receive it on Tuesday. I will then have to take it to USCIS in Boston to complete my I-600A application. I will also have to take my entire dossier packet to be certified by the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in Boston and I will have to take the entire certified dossier packet to be approved by the Consulate of Guatemala in Providence. I am praying that I can accomplish all of this on Tuesday as my work schedule will be flexible on Tuesday.

The following were taken from my Homestudy report (it made my head grow a bit!):

Four personal references were received in support of Melissa’s adoption. All the references received stated that Melissa is an exceptional woman. She was described as “a caring, helpful, people oriented person.” Other quotes in support of her adoption include: “Melissa is great with children. She is nurturing and loving. Children really seem to appreciate her gentle nature.” “I am quite impressed by Melissa’s integrity, hardworking nature and her empathy towards her 9 year old ‘Little Friend’.” (Melissa mentors for the Big Friends / Little Friends Program) “Melissa has a nonjudgmental nature. She is an excellent role model and possesses all the qualities one looks for in a mature and responsible adult” “Melissa is both talented and accomplished.” “Melissa comes from a very loving home and because of her upbringing has become an outstanding adult.” “Not only can she offer a financially secure future to a child but above and beyond that she offers a heart full of love and compassion.“ “Melissa is meant to have that special bond with a child blessed enough to call her ‘Mommy’.”

Melissa is a committed, reliable, sensitive, nurturing, and strong woman. She has a large support system, which she utilizes. She has demonstrated a good understanding of adoption issues and is willing to continue to educate herself and seek support as needed. Her home meets the standards for adoptive homes in the state of Massachusetts. Post-adoption support will be offered through this agency.

It is this worker’s assessment that Melissa is emotionally, physically, and mentally stable and will provide a loving and secure home for any child that is placed with her. For these reasons, Melissa is approved to adopt a female from Guatemala as young and as healthy as possible."

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