Not flesh of my flesh
nor bone of my bone
but still miraculously my own.

Never forget for a single minute
you didn't grow under my heart
but in it!

Monday, September 17, 2007

1st Phone Call to Gabriella's Foster Family

I had my first conversation this evening with Gabriella’s foster family and it went wonderfully thanks to Gia’s skillful translation skills! Thanks so much Gia! It is such a blessing to have a Spanish translator in the family!

Gabriella’s Foster Mother, N., was not available, but N.’s 18 year old daughter, S., was and S. spoke to us. There is one other foster baby in the home, a baby boy who is about 20 days older than Gabriella. S. told us that she has bonded the most with Gabriella and that she is Gabriella’s main caretaker and N. is mainly the baby boy’s caretaker.

The phone conversation started off with a bit of bad news. Gabriella has been sick. They switched her formula, and then switched it back to the original one after she got sick. I believe the formula she is on is Insomil. She goes to the doctor every 4th of the month and was the same weight as her birth weight on September 4th. S. said that she seems to be gaining weight now, though, because her legs and cheeks are getting bigger.

Gabriella gets up every three to four hours and needs a diaper change each time she gets up. She eats every one to two hours during the day. S. said that Gabriella didn’t want to eat in the beginning.

Gabriella looks around with her eyes and responds and makes little sounds. The family says things to her to get her to smile. S. says to her, “You’re so beautiful” (obviously in Spanish!) and Gabriella responds with coos.

S. said that Gabriella is very pretty, has a pointed nose, a small mouth, shiny hair, and big brown eyes.

S. sings to her to get her to sleep. Gabriella sleeps in the bed with S. Gabriella doesn’t like to sleep on her back so she sleeps on her side and S. said that during the day when she can watch her she lets her sleep on her stomach.

Gabriella uses a pacifier and pacifiers were the one request that S. made for the package that I am sending to them.

We asked if people know that they are a foster family and if they feel like they are in any danger. S. stated that they don’t feel like they are in any danger. She said that when people ask about the babies she tells them that they are hers.

We told S. that we would be changing Astrid’s name to Gabriella Astrid and asked if they would mind calling her Gabriella. S. said that they wouldn’t mind and would begin calling her Gabriella.

We set up weekly calls for Monday evenings at 8 PM.

I left the conversation feeling worried about Gabriella being sick, but feeling more at ease because I believe that Gabriella is very loved in her foster home.

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